SMOOTH History

The Santa Maria Organization of Transportation Helpers (SMOOTH) began serving the community in 1974 when a group of concerned residents saw the need to help keep elderly family members independent and safely in their homes, avoiding costly institutionalization. With the help of several civic groups, the SMOOTH Senior Bus Service was created.

In 1975, the City of Santa Maria hired SMOOTH to develop and manage the new Santa Maria Area Transit public transit system. SMOOTH successfully operated the SMAT system for 27 years until 2003.

SMOOTH has also operated several local and regional transit services including the City of Guadalupe and the County Health Care Center Shuttle (SB Medical Van). SMOOTH also has served dozens of social service and nonprofit organizations.

In 2003, SMOOTH recognized the growing number of seniors who were "falling through the cracks" with traditional transportation and needed a safe, reliable, affordable alternative to driving. The Senior Dial-A-Ride was created to answer this need.

One of the first Senior Dial-A-Ride Passengers transported called SMOOTH to offer her thanks. She explained that in the past, with no other form of transportation, she often would "do without" food or prescribed medication. The Senior Dial-A-Ride now provided her with a way to make these trips independently.

Currently, the Senior Dial-A-Ride serves hundreds of seniors in our community!