SMOOTH started as a grass-roots effort when a group of active community members organized themselves for the purpose of providing rides to friends and neighbors to medical appointments, slowly evolving from using personal vehicles to vans, and eventually operating its own fleet of buses. SMOOTH is committed to providing innovative transportation services so that agencies in the community can focus on their mission: serving clients and the community.

Today, SMOOTH maintains and operates various contracts with local groups, organizations, and social service agencies including the City of Guadalupe, the County of Santa Barbara, Tri-Counties Regional Center, Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department, Vocational Training Center, and others.

It's our hope that through our efforts, in collaboration with other agencies, we can overcome transportation challenges in the community, and that the general public will have greater access to needed services.

Mission Statement

SMOOTH provides safe, dependable and accessible transportation, which fosters independence, community access, and quality of life for residents of the Central Coast, especially for those requiring medical, physical, and social assistance.


SMOOTH is dedicated to the following core values, which form the foundation for all that we are and do:

  • We Value Our Customers

    We recognize that our customers are the sole reason for this organization’s existence, and without them, we are unnecessary.
  • We Value Our Employees

    We are committed to promoting professional and ethical conduct in our employees. We value the role of each employee in accomplishing our organization’s mission.
  • We Value Our Community

    We realize SMOOTH is a responsible member of the community and must respond to our community’s transportation needs to the very best of our abilities. We are committed to providing a positive image of our organization, our staff, and our services. We strive to involve community organizations, community members, and community advisors in guiding and supporting our services.
  • We Value Our Service

    SMOOTH strives to meet absolute reliability in all facets of service by consistently providing low cost and on-time means of transportation for as many residents on the Central Coast as possible. We are further committed to providing such high quality services that our customers consider transportation a seamless part of their day.

Vision Statement